Submersible pumps

Tapflo submersible pumps are designed for an extensive range of applications. We offer pumps for drainage of flat surfaces, sewages, dewatering of spring, rain, and groundwater as well as slurries and sludges containing particles. All of our submersible pumps provide the performance, reliability, and ease of use you need when pumping fluids mainly consisting of water.

When do you need a submersible pump?

A submersible pump can be used as a fixed solution to empty water when a certain fluid level has been reached or as a mobile and easy-to-use evacuation pump when you need to get rid of unwanted water or slurries:

  • Construction sites
  • Deep well drilling
  • Draining rooms
  • Sewages
  • Rainwater collection
  • Irrigation purposes
  • Industrial water extraction
  • Domestic use (flooding)

The submersible pumps Tapflo offer

We offer drainage pumps, sewage pumps, dewatering pumps, and sludge and slurry pumps. Our drainage pumps can drain down to 1 mm water level on flat surfaces and our sewage pumps have a large free passage clearance allowing the disposal of liquid containing suspended soft solids and fibrous materials.

When you need to pump spring water, rainwater, groundwater, and sand carrying water our dewatering pumps will get the job done and most models are supplied with level control possibilities for economical and automated duty.

When pumping water containing abrasive materials, our sludge and slurry pumps are a great fit, equipped with a semi-vortex impeller and agitator in strong chrome alloy to minimise sludge clogging.

For any enquire on our submersible pump series don´t hesitate to contact your local Tapflo office.


Sludge & slurry pumps

Pumps that handle slurry, sludge, bentonite and sand carrying water that are often used in mines and quarries, construction, tunnelling, industry processing and hire fleets

Slurry pump SFA tapflo


Effective and compact pump for lightly mudded water


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Slurry pump SBA tapflo


Heavy-duty sludge pump with semi-vortex impeller and agitator


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Dewatering pumps

Dewatering pumps for spring water, rainwater, groundwater, sand carrying water that are widely used in mines and quarries, construction, tunnelling, industry processing and hire fleets

Draingage pump Sb tapflo


The perfect pump for general pumping purposes with level control possibilities


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