Tapflo is introducing the CTX, a completely new, premium series of high-performance Centrifugal Pumps which are characterized by their robust design and superior operational reliability and application flexibility.

Tapflo’s CTX high-performance centrifugal pump design ensures that the series can be adapted to a multitude of applications and process conditions providing greater flexibility with quick and easy upgrade options providing interchangeability of the parts between pump types and sizes, improving maintainability.

Tapflo CTX

A central feature of the Tapflo CTX design is the multi-facet open impeller which can be optimized to suit each medium and application whilst maintaining the ability to transfer viscous products and particularly those with an increased solids content. Another key feature is the option of a double mechanical. The seal is applied when hostile media conditions occur i.e. high viscosity, content of solids, liquid is gaseous or hazardous. Seal in back-to-back arrangement is installed in separate chamber.

“We started work on the CTX pump design because end users were lacking a premium range centrifugal pump that features high efficiency and robust construction with an excellent quality-price ratio. To meet that demand, we have developed the CTX high-performance pump. The pump features low noise and vibration, easy maintenance, and robust construction. The last two factors combined with market leading performance were our main design principles when developing the pump. The CTX is "engineered beyond" to be even more robust than expected for its normal operation. From our point of view, endurance and performance in premium range products are critical. We want to earn on reliability, not spares”, explains Mikołaj Laguna-Horodniczy, Global Marketing Manager at Tapflo Group.

Tapflo’s CTX pumps are available in Hygienic (CTX H) and Industrial executions (CTX I). The pumps are optimized for highly efficient performance over a wide range of operating conditions for several industries. The Tapflo CTX is an excellent solution for the typical Dairy applications like transfer of milk and yogurt. The CTX is also a leading option for demanding Chemical and Pharmaceutical applications like the transport of chemicals and ready-made products from storage tanks, containers, and baths., Another application where the CTX fits well is the transfer of various ingredients and products like edible oil, flavor, and juice, as well as many auxiliary operations like the transfer of cleaning liquids, and water.

“The Tapflo CTX H is a highly hygienic and sanitized centrifugal pump because the shaft sealing is not in direct contact with any fluid. It´s easy to clean, and the transferred fluid does not get contaminated. The CTX has better performance and efficiency than other similar pumps on the market, and at a low and extremely competitive price. Like all other Tapflo pumps, we can deliver the CTX straight from our own factory and our stores worldwide, short delivery times is a part of our mission”. says Håkan Ekstrand, CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at Tapflo Group

All our export shipments with DHL Express are climate neutral. By using DHL GoGreen we invest in climate protection projects in various regions across the globe, supporting a mix of projects in the categories of "energy efficiency", "renewable energy" and "reforestation/afforestation". We insist on high standards and the selected climate protection projects are based on their value for both the environment and the local communities. Environmental protection is high on DHL:s agenda with an ambitious environmental target of zero emissions by 2050.

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Hereby we want to thank you all for making it all happen :) Looking forward to the challenges and rewards of 2020!

Mazak QUICK TURN. Tapflo Factory

To increase production capacity, Tapflo Factory expands its Hi-End machine park. The brand new Mazak CNC (computer numerical control) machine just arrived at the factory.

Mazak QUICK TURN is a multi-task machine brings together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance.

Upgrading production machinery is an important element in Tapflo’s strategy of continuous development and assuring the highest possible quality of manufactured pumps and equipment.


SOMA Pumps GmbH (www.soma-pumps.de) has decided to appoint TAPFLO Benelux BV to be their exclusive channel partner for the Netherlands, effective from the 11th of February, 2019.

Pump industry award 2019

We take great pleasure and pride in announcing that Tapflo UK have made the finals for two categories in the upcoming Pump Industry Awards Ceremony: Technical Innovation Of The Year Finalist for Tapflo TC Intelligent Pump equipped with LEAP Low Energy Technology.

This category awards the innovative products which set new standards in the industry.