Pharmaceutical pumps


Technical data

Model Max capacity
BSP inv.
T53 60 3/4"
T103 125 1"
T203 330 1 1/2"
T403 570 2"

This pump series was developed in co-operation with one of the world leading supplier to the biotech market. It serves the biotech- and pharmaceutical industries in numerous applications.

Our unique USP approved (United States Pharmacopoeia) hygienic PTFE or PP pump, features all wetted parts in USP class VI certified materials.

Pump housing with only three parts makes it extremely easy to maintain.

Superior finish
High finish and hygienic approved materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Sanitary design
    smooth internal surfaces
  • Inert materials
    no contamination of the pumped product
  • USP class VI
    approved materials
  • Extremely easy to maintain
    pump housing with very few components