WHAT ARE PSVP PUMPS FOR FOAMING SLURRIES FOR? PSVP Pumps are specifically designed for pumping foaming slurries in the starch production process. The PSVP Pump is fitted with a special inlet with guide blades which facilitates the transportation of the slurry which is entrained with gases or foam into the pump casing. The fluid is de-aerated or defoamed in its defoaming compartment before being evacuated. If the fluid also contains fibres then a spiral screw can be fitted on to the eye of the impeller. A special internal contraction allows the transportation of slurries containing air or foam. First, the liquid is de-aired and defoamed in the so-called defoaming compartment. Subsequently, the liquid enters the pump casing via guide-blades where it is pumped away. If the liquid contains fibres as well as foam, a spiral screw can be fitted onto the product impeller Depending on application requirements the pump can be fitted with the following options:

  • Spiral Screw
  • Single or Double Mechanical Seal with Grease Lubrication
  • Vacuum Nozzle
  • Vacuum & Pressure Gauges
  • Drain Connection