Features & Benefits

No paddles
No rotating blades
Variable agitation
Suits all containers up to 1000 litre IBC
No moving parts utilises pump power to mix & dispense
Eliminates problems with conventional mixing
No air entrainment
No shear
Closed vessel mixing system
Fully controllable pneumatic operation and control
Reduced environmental exposure
No need for pumping to mixing vessel

The Pneumixer was initially developed for the paint and ink industry where most raw materials in drums or containers settle out over time and need to be mixed or blended prior to use. This usually means rolling, shaking or pumping to a mixing vessel; that adds time, waste, mess and expense.


The Pneumix utilises the container the product arrives in to mix and dispense and simply fits securely in the vessels fill hole. Increasing productivity by reducing waste and further product handling.

Transfer mode

The discharge valve is open and the recirculation valve is partially open, to both mix and to transfer the product out of the Pneumix

Mixing mode

The discharge valve is closed and the recirculation valve is open, to allow the product to circulate in the container.

Pneumatic mixing system

Offer enclosed product handling, reducing worker or environmental exposure, spillage and contamination. Hazardous, sensitive or volatile products ares ecurely protected within their container. All contributing towards a clean, safe working environment.

Batch and mix

This system allows the product to be mixed and batched when it is needed, reducing time, increasing product life and minimising waste.

Variable agitation

Means the mixing action can be matched to the specific product or application


Air operated control and operation means no electrics are necessary.

Materials and sizes

The Pneumixers are available in Stainless steel AISI 316, PP (polypropylene). Other materials upon request. Available for all Tapflo pump sizes 1/2" up to 2".